Monday, 22 December 2014

What is Aamir Khan doing in Mr Prime Minister’s political land?

We know why Mr Perfectionist visits Varanasi – PM and MP Narendra Modi’s political ground – quite often. No, it’s not just to hawk his movies. And no, it’s got nothing to do with his ‘warm relationship’ with Narendra Modi. There’s something more to it. It is something personal.

The real reason why Aamir likes visiting Varanasi is because it is his mother’s homeland, which many are not aware of. Aamir is very fond of Varanasi and would make any excuse to go back to the city. The megastar himself insisted on visiting Varanasi as it is very close to his heart.

Aamir first visited Varanasi during 3 Idiots and explored the places where his mother had lived and had shared many a story with him about her babyhood haunts. Afterward, he visited the city again to attend the marriage of the rickshaw driver who had helped him explore the city on his first visit.

This time, it would be all more special for Aamir as he would get a chance to interact with the locals in Bhojpuri – which he particularly learned for PK.

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