Thursday, 11 December 2014

Arjun Kapoor’s logic about box-office numbers!

While Ranveer Singh once notably confirmed that he is interested in breaking box-office records, for his friend Arjun Kapoor box-office numbers is not top priority.

Arjun reveals, “There is no film that I do for box-office numbers. Not every film should be done keeping commerce in mind especially if you are an actor. 2 States is a movie that I never even imagined would do the business it did. Technically, it’s the highest grossing movie of my career and I never anticipated it to make so much money. Gunday, on the other hand, a bona fide action movie with two heroes had all the trappings to be the biggest hit but it didn’t. Ultimately, Bollywood today is content-driven and not a star-driven industry anymore.”

Arjun also believes, as actors, it is necessary to push the envelope by doing unconventional films like Finding Fanny where matters of commerce are not of prime importance.

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