Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Hit TV Show Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi restores Dadi’s faith by tying the holy thread around Pragya’s neck!

As Pragya was previously in bridal attire, all family members insist Abhi to tie the mangalsutra around Pragya’s neck.

After that, Dadi wakes up from her coma and thinks it to be karwa chauth seeing Pragya dressed up as bride. Dadi’s friends let her know how Abhi staged Pragya’s marriage so that he could collect proof of her innocence. Dadi however, is bit miffed with Pragya as she was thinking to leave the household. Pragya manages the situation saying all this was done so that things could be set alright. Abhi decides not to tell Dadi that Aaliya was involved behind this and urges same to family members.

Afterward, Abhi and Pragya have some lone time while Pragya insisting to let her drink wine. Abhi doesn't agree but later accidentally both ends up drinking from the same glass.

Aaliya meets Pragya and lets her know the hatred Pragya is going to face now on. She can’t let her brother ignore her and vows to make Pragya’s life hell in this house and this will make her leave the house on her own.

Sarla invites the couple for some marriage ritual. She thanks Purab for saving Pragya’s life. Bulbul decides not to meet Purab again.

How will Abhi and Pragya’s life take a new turn post their second wedding?

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