Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Shah Rukh Khan desires to play villain in Dhoom franchisee!

Dhoom and Shah Rukh Khan are two of bollywood’s leading brands and the union between the duo just had to happen one day. And we might really get to witness it right in the next installment, Dhoom 4, because that’s what king Khan told, talking about it on his birthday!

Although he hasn’t been asked for it or anything, Shah Rukh Khan expressed his wish to be a part of the Dhoom series as he thought that it was very cool! SRK says, “I am doing a film with Yash Raj and that’s Fan. If I get an opportunity, I would love to do it (Dhoom 4). I find it very cool. I knew Sanjay Ghadvi and I liked the film. Aditya has never asked me for Dhoom.”

And that would also mean that we’d get to see Shah Rukh Khan play the bad guy just like he did in the Don series. 

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