Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Anushka gets flying kiss from Virat Kohli during a Match!

Virat Kohli was in so many ways, the man of yesterday’s match…he totally stole the show for more than one reason…he not only led the team to win but also got us all completely bowled over by his oh-so-romantic act of blowing a kiss to his girlfriend Anushka Sharma who was at the stadium to watch him play!

Dressed up like a total doll in white, Anushka Sharma was cheering for him throughout the match and when Virat Kohli did that slight romantic gesture after he made a half century, she stood up in what was a sort of a standing ovation in response.

We guess the twosome have now determined to fully come out into the open about their relationship. Keep in mind how last time, when Anushka Sharma was in Australia to watch him play and then everyone blamed her for his bad performance? This is like a fitting reply to that by Virat Kohli! Anushka must be so proud of her man.

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