Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Deepika loves my bald look: Ranveer Singh

Ever since Ranveer Singh has gone bald, everybody can’t stop talking about how unbelievably handsome he looks in all the glory of his new baldness and then, it in fact is not wonder that his lady love Deepika Padukone is completely in love with the look. Because it seems that, she is. And this, Ranveer Singh himself confessed to in one of his interviews.

“Deepika loved the look. I had shown her my pictures in costume. She is very happy and excited about joining the shoot of the film… it will happen within a couple of months” was what he told, very casually, as if Deepika is no more than just one more friend.

Here’s another piece of buzz about the baldness that we just found out and it’s that, he is going to have a little tuft of hair, something like a shendi that he’s going to sport in the role and something that Bhansali actually asked him to hide (which probably explains why he’s always seen wearing a hat).

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