Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to finally move in together!

After a very long time hearing things about Ranbir-Katrina’s new home on Carter road and how they’re decorating it and all that, at last the couple seems to have determined to move in together into that house, or so the rumors say.

And from what the sources reveal, it is in this very weekend that the duo will be moving in. But considering how Rishi Kapoor is not fine, there is a chance that the whole thing could be postponed. Also, they have Jagga Jasoos that they’re both working for which is still on the way to completion.

If Ranbir-Katrina do move in though, there is without doubt going to be a huge party…something like a house warming party to which all of the bollywood celebrities are going to be invited that they will actually host where they could also be making their relationship official. Since Ranbir and Katrina have both taken a vow of silence in this matter, we will only know of things when they actually happen.

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