Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja garbage split rumours!

All of the media and the cyber world was swarming with news of how Harman and Bipasha’s relationship is in a very good place with Harman cheating on Bipasha and all of that yesterday and that seems to have irked the duo as they came out with a ‘statement’ where in they cleared air on what really happened between them just so that we will stop guessing.

 “We have had our differences but this rumour is rubbish & has nothing to do with us taking our time off. In our relationship we have been dignified & respect each other. We do not like people having a field day at our expense. Whether we continue or not, We do & will always respect each other and would request media to respect our privacy too instead of printing all kind of rumours without even verifying it with us.”, as per joint statement released by both.

Did you observe they denied nothing and that they in fact told if they weren’t sure if they would continue or not? Obviously, the rumors weren’t wrong! Aww….don’t we feel sorry for poor Harman and Bipasha who are already on the verge of breakup while only a few days they looked like they were absolutely in love? 

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