Friday, 12 September 2014

What is Salman Khan nervous about?

If you thought there is nothing that could maybe discourage or worry the Salman, you are wrong. There is one thing that Salman Khan is really worried about these days and it is his role in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo!

So here’s why he is so bothered about the film. The role that Salman Khan is playing in this film is very different from what he’s been doing these days. He plays the role of Prem, a simple guy who says simple things and Salman is just unable to jump into all that simplicity from all that grandeur that he’s gotten used to.

“It’s the most difficult movie I am doing in a very, very long time because it’s been 13 years since I have worked with Sooraj. I have changed so much, I’m not that pure a person anymore. I have seen a lot more” is what Salman Khan was found to be saying the media on his role.

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