Friday, 12 September 2014

Ajay Devgn refuses to take a break for Action Jackson!

Looks like Bollywood stars are competing with each other for some kind of marathon-working-championship. Why else would they all work this hard? It is Ajay Devgn who now joined all of those people who seem to need no break when he started working for Action Jackson, his next film the next instant that he was done with Singham Returns!

Apparently, Ajay Devgn, went straight for the filming of Action Jackson as soon as he got done with Singham Returns. Considering how much of a hit Singham Returns was and how much he was credited for it, one would have thought that he would take time off to party, but Ajay Devgn needs no celebration it seems!

And all this while he still needs to stick to the long and grueling work-out session that he needs to stick to, for building such an overwhelming body and not losing it despite the fact that he is ageing is definitely not an easy task!

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