Friday, 12 September 2014

Salman supports Shahrukh’s fake 8-pack-abs dilemma!

By now we all know that the badshah of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan will be seen flaunting his recently achieved 8-pack-abs in his forthcoming Diwali release ‘Happy New Year’. But entertainingly, more than praising the actor’s hard work, people are busy slamming him, calling those abs fake and that they have been nonsensically photoshopped. And while Shahrukh has kept silent on the whole controversy, his rival turned friend Salman Khan has come to his salvage.

Salman Khan is a fitness freak and that’s no secret. The fit guy has been working out forever now and so he is the right guy to tell if Shahrukh’s recently made abs are real or fake.

Lately, the megastar was in conversation with a popular news tabloid, where he answered questions by his Twitter fans. One of the questions posed to him was what was his take on SRK’s fake 8-packs.

Salman was quick to answer, “It is not a fake 8 pack. He has become really ribbed. Infact that picture that you see is not even touched up picture, it’s a raw picture.”

He did not stop there. Salman went to say that he is actually impressed with the way Shahrukh is looking right now. He is really really fit. He has worked very hard to attain that kind of body, which is not a very easy task. He repeated again that SRK’s fit body is 100 percent real.

Well, one word that we can say is respect. Love the way how Salman Khan admire his contemporaries. 

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