Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I know my stardom isn’t going to be all my life, says Deepika Padukone!

To be a star as big as Deepika Padukone has become and to not let all the fame get into your head isn’t something anybody could possibly do, anyone except for Deepika that is. It really is astonishing how this girl stays so grounded after nearly every single movie that she’s been in from the past few years have all turned out to be such big hits!

And if you don’t believe that Deepika Padukone could really be that down-to-earth, read on to find out what she spoke to the media recently and you will… “No, not at all. I know my stardom isn’t going to be all my life. I am secure about my work, but I don’t expect to be a star all my life. It’s practically impossible and if anyone thinks like that, they are delusional” was what the leggy lass told when she was asked if she was afraid of losing her stardom.

There’s one more thing about Deepika Padukone that is going to astonish you and that is that, whenever she does a film, she always criticizes her performance in it and is never ever happy with herself! Because this is what she told, talking about it, “I rarely appreciate myself. I think it’s a good thing to be critical as it helps me to perform better.”

And that is unquestionably working, as she really is only getting better with each movie!

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