Friday, 11 July 2014

Who does Katrina Kaif hang out with very often?

Ever wondered who are Katrina Kaif’s friends in Bollywood? Whom does she hang out with? Does she even have a group of friends? The Dhoom babe is pretty secretive about her personal life and is rarely seen chilling with friends. But most of us are uninformed about the fun side of Kats.

Having a drop dead gorgeous boyfriend like Ranbir Kapoor, obviously all his friends are hers too. Yes, you read that right. While she rarely makes news in Page 3 parties, Katrina Kaif often hangs out with her alleged boyfriend’s friends. She is more of a private person and so, she loves to hang out at house parties.

Katrina is pretty friendly with Arjun Kapoor, who often refers to her as his rakhi sister. Also, there is Sonam Kapoor who enjoys Katrina’s company. The actress is also said to be pretty fond of RK’s close buddy, Ayan Mukerji. Actually, the trios hang out quite often and even go on holidays.

So on the whole, Kats is pretty famous among the young bunch of actors.

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