Friday, 11 July 2014

Salman asked to tone down his judgmental attitude!

He is a well-liked face not only on silver screen but also small screen. After four years of hosting the popular reality show Bigg Boss, Salman Khan is done with it and the channel. He will not be hosting the next season of the show. And no, it’s not money that has pissed off the actor.

So then, why the sudden exit? A source tells, “Salman is known to openly express his feelings and views. He was told to tone down his judgmental attitude towards contestants he did not care for and openly favor others. But Bhai didn’t want any curbs on his naturalness. That’s one of the main reasons for his exit.”

Also, it is heard that Bhai did not like the idea of shifting the show from prime time watch to the ‘adult slot’. More over, Salman has faced fury from many a contestants over his rude and partial behavior.

But, the channel’s spokesperson, when asked about the same, refuses to comment. The broadcasters are still hoping that Salman Khan might just come back to host the next season of the reality show.

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