Friday, 11 July 2014

Harmeet Singh of Meet Bros discloses the so called ‘trade secrets’!

“Sunny Leone can ask for a five-time higher price for shows after ‘Baby Doll’ ”

They have been a part of the music fraternity for well over a decade but it is only in the last couple of years that Meet Bros Anjjan have picked up pace and shot into the limelight. This transformation happened because of their back-to-back hit numbers in movies — Boss, Zanjeer and their biggest success so far, Ragini MMS. The ‘Baby Doll’ number not only gave them a fresh lease of life but it worked magic for Sunny Leone too.

Now, the musicians have two other hit songs – ‘Pink Lips’ featuring Sunny from Hate Story 2, and ‘Hangover’, sung by Salman Khan from Kick.

“It’s all God’s blessings. We are like a TV channel, whose remote is in the hand of the Lord. Right now, the programming is good and the channel is getting good TRPs,” tells Manmeet Singh of Meet Bros. Brother Harmeet Singh exclaims, “We have worked hard and of course picked up a lot of trade secrets along the way. That has helped us.”

But prod them to disclose the so called ‘trade secrets’ and they shy away. They are far more forthcoming when they talk about ‘Baby doll’. “That song worked really well. The fact that Sunny Leone can ask for a five-times higher price for shows after that song is a statement about the success of the song!” points out Harmeet.

The song has also changed their fortunes. “The number of stage shows that we have been offered after the song is great. Stage shows are the lifeline for a music director. For a film song, we might even end up spending more money than what we get paid by the producer. But when the song becomes a hit, we earn from stage shows,” discloses Manmeet.

The Sunny Leone association is paying off in their latest number Pink Lips (Hate Story 2) too.  “We just discovered that we have three more songs with Sunny in her coming films!” reveals an excited Anjjan, the third pillar in the composer trio. “Yes! We might actually be called Sunny’s in-house music composers now,” giggles Harmeet.

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