Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Delhi MMS Sex scandal behind ‘Ragini MMS' concept!

After the success of ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka' lacking stars, Ekta Kapoor dared to bare another reality onscreen with ‘Ragini MMS'. However, the movie version of the scandal has been spiced-up with paranormal activities.
For all those who have connected in late, ‘Ragini MMS' is based on the notorious MMS scandal of Delhi Public School that shocked the nation in 2004. The MMS shows a school girl in compromising position with her boyfriend in the campus. The girl had no idea about the hidden camera while they were making love.
The scandal was made by the girl's boyfriend in order to become famous and so he even went on to upload it on internet. In no time, it became one of the most watched and downloaded video on web.
Film takes the tale further by showing the repercussions of the scandal and how the two get caught in paranormal world.
So as to make the already famous scandal interesting, Ekta introduced paranormal twist in the movie. While the duo is making love, a strayed spirit will join them and they will indulge in threesome.
Ekta Kapoor's team took a special consent from the victim over how much of the reality to be disclosed in the movie.
Ekta had arranged for six-camera set up to shoot the movie, so as to capture the best of the shots.
The team was looking at roping in big stars in the movie. The outrageous subject and bold features kept even Kangna Ranaut who is known for her bold image from doing it.
After the movie was complete, Ekta had even ordered to re-shoot couple of scenes to make it steamier in terms of lovemaking.

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