Monday, 23 January 2012

Neelam Kothari spreads the rumors of SRK, Priyanka's love affair?

Neelam Kothari

SRK and Priyanka Chopra
Gauri Khan the wife of the Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan is too dissatisfied with the rumors that actress Priyanka Chopra is heard of having a love affair with her husband. As the source informs that the buzz is made by the actress Neelam Kothari. In this matter, Priyanka Chopra is tremendously offended on this pointless suspected affair story.
In fact, she was too frustrated and distress to talk of the matter, also she has a huge respect for megastar SRK, and she could not understand how this type of rumors could be there. The media informs that Gauri Khan was so distressed after coming to know of such news, that she even inquired of some of the friends of Priyanka to know the fact.
However, it appears that Priyanka Chopra had been informed that this falsified news was being spread by actress Neelam Kothari. As Neelam heard about this from some source she instantly requested Priyanka to come over for clearing the issue. However, Priyanka did not care to meet Neelam and ultimately the issue shaped out to be in a horrible stage. Neelam explained to the media that she was so surprised listening all this rotten news. She also said to have a long relationship with Gauri and she had no intention to make gossip about the latter’s husband SRK. In conclusion, the question remains then who is the wrongdoer.

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