Thursday, 5 February 2015

Debut of British born actor Sandeep Singh in film Honour Killing!

Most anticipating film Honour Killings features the debut of a budding 28-year-old actor from London, Sandeep Singh in lead role. 

The young lead actor is British born Sandeep Singh. He had to travel to Mumbai for professional training in Bollywood techniques. 

Sandeep adds, "A Bollywood hero always has to have all the elements... to sing, dance, move around and fight. He has to be very expressive and show emotions, which makes the role challenging." 

Director Avtar Bhogal wants new young face for lead in Honour Killings and his search ends on British born actor Sandeep Singh.
The film Honour Killing is set to release on 27th February 2015 in England and Pakistan.

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